Why I HATE Progressive insurance! #shorts

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My name is John Degasperis, I am a trial lawyer. My office is based out of Kingston, New York. I represent injured people. I probably represented more than 1500 injured clients over the course of my career. I understand how insurance companies work. I understand how the court system works and how to persuade juries.

Thank you for coming to my Youtube Channel. Please like and subscribe for my informative videos. If you have any legal question at all, personal injury or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact me, I love helping people.

Most of my cases are handled within the Hudson Valley although I do handle cases all over the state and throughout the country. I pride myself on my availability and I live and I breathe this work. When a client hires me I become obsessed with their story. I become obsessed with their case. My singular objective is to do well by them and to put them into a better place than when I found them. I know that being a lawyer requires empathy. I am a sounding board for people in their darkest hours and I become their voice. I am their advocate within a system that may not have their best interest at heart. A successful resolution is when a personal injury client feels as if the system worked and that I brought them to a place in the Civil Justice System, that gave them an opportunity to be made whole again.

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