Term Insurance में एजेंट/कंपनी कैसे बेवकूफ बना रहे हैं 😡 |2024

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0:00 Introduction
1:36 Term Insurance for Central Govt. Employees
3:07 Should you increase your cover or buy a New Insurance?
5:11 Is a disease one had 3 years ago considered Pre-Existing Disease?
6:24 Do I need to update job status in Term Insurance?
8:01 How to take online claim after death of policy holder?
13:15 I changed my country after 5 years, is my policy still valid?
13:42 If I die in bike/car accident and was found drunk, will my family get benefit?
14:16 I was a non-smoker but I started smoking after few years
16:34 Is Zero-Cost Term Insurance trust worthy?
17:36 Can we change nominee details & address
18:04 Earliest age to start Term Insurance, can undergraduate get it?
18:43 What are 4 major causes of rejecting term insurance claim?
21:27 My age is 50, I want to take Term Insurance on behalf of my wife & children, is it possible?
22:08 What if company goes bankrupt, what will happen to my claim & premium amount?
24:04 We took a joint home loan, after my husband’s death the bank isn’t forgiving the loan
26:04 I have a 10 year old policy from aviva, but it isn’t a top company. Should I continue or shift to another company?
27:23 : How to decide sum assured in critical illness?
30:00 : Do we need to take life insurance from two companies?
30:56 Which rider is beneficial vis-a-vis cost/cover provided?
31:22 HDFC rejected a claim because bike was more than 150CC, what to do in such cases?
32:23 : If our avg lifespan is increasing, should we take higher term (70-80) or just normal vanilla term insurance?

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