Jeremy Dewitte The Staged Accident – Insurance Fraud

October 11, 2022 – Dewitte was involved in a minor bingle in which the other driver insisted that Jeremy had accelerated into his vehicle instead of allowing him to change lanes. Metro State has always treated the procession as a personal playground for playing „cops & movers”. I have no doubt Dewitte could have avoided this accident. Instead, he accelerated and caused a minor accident. He claimed thousands of dollars in repairs and personal suffering and was awarded ten thousand dollars in damages. FIO has recovered some of the documents used to perpetrate the crimes.

I have put the original „slam’m & scam’m” video at the end of this to avoid possible copyright issues.

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FIO is constantly searching through Florida’s Law Enforcement Agencies databases for indications, evidence, and documents relating to the years of criminal activity, insurance jobs, and harassment of road users while living out his fantasy of protecting the children. Public Record requests are not free and the way we „shotgun” requests is the most expensive. Can you assist us? Do not be fooled, this is an ongoing expense, FIO has been operating continuously recovering information for a long time.
email for more info. Those who assist can receive the original files and documents
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Serial Police Impersonator. Jeremy Dewitte. Metro State.

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