Beware! Higher Interest Rates on Navy Federal Credit Cards #nfcu #credit #creditcards

What a big jump on NFCU credit cards from only last year. Here’s a comparison from a year ago. I happened to save the info on Navy Federal credit cards and you’ll be surprised how much the difference is from before, and now. If you are new to Navy Federal Credit Union, hope this can help you decide which credit cards you want to get.

Did you know that Navy Federal credit cards are locked? This was information I discovered a year ago. Navy Federal Credit Union is known for giving generous credit limit increases. They are also known not just as the house of high limits, but also for giving automatic credit limit increases. Check out this video to know more about the locking and unlocking of credit cards.
Another credit card with Navy Federal Credit Union that you might want to check out.
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Hello! I am a physical therapist/small business owner on a credit journey from what I have learned from Youtube!
Will be sharing my experiences as I learn more about how to make videos LOL! Knowledge applied is really powerful, and I am grateful for how it has changed my life. Still on a journey and would like to learn from you by sharing experiences here!
For you who are like me, slowly applying what we learned, I welcome your thoughts and would love to hear about your journey as well!
*** DISCLAIMER: This video is meant to be for entertainment and information. Please consult a professional for sound legal and financial advice.***

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