My friend lost ₹8,000 in this Credit card scam 🚨 #shorts #finance #scam

💳 Our credit and debit cards offer both domestic 🇮🇳 and international 🌍 usage options.

My friend overlooked this option & fell victim to a scam ❗

🤷‍♂️ We usually ignore the international option when we don’t use it for a long period 📆

In India when we use our cards, we usually get a One time password [OTP] to make transactions 💰 but in foreign countries, this step isn’t mandatory❌

They can make transactions directly with your card details📝. And hence, scammers can use your card details to make transactions.

✅ To protect yourself, disable the international transaction option for your cards.

You can easily do this through 💻net banking or in the app itself

Stay safe and be cautious!👀

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