How to send an International Money Transfer

This is an instructional video showing how to an international money transfer via RBC Online Banking.

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How to send an International Money Transfer

Sending International Money Transfers is quick and easy.
Log into RBC® Online Banking.
Select “International Money Transfer”.

Review the details.
Click on “Start Money Transfer”.

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Select the account to transfer money from.
New recipient? Select “Add a New Recipient”.

“Add Recipient” page opens.

Complete the “Recipient Details”.
Complete “Destination Bank Details”.
Select “Verify”.
Select “Continue”.

Select the “Transfer Money From” account.
Select the recipient.
Click on “Confirm Recipient”.
Select the “Reason for Transfer”.
Select “Enter Amount in Canadian Dollars” or “Enter Amount in Destination Currency”.
Review the transfer details here.
Click “Continue”.

Review and confirm the details.

Finally, review the Terms and Conditions and click on the check box next to “Agreement”.
Remember, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions to enable the Confirm button.
Select “Confirm” …

and you’re done.
Bye for now.

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