How to Open Recurring Deposits (RD) through Internet Banking

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ICICI Bank Recurring Deposit (RD) is an ideal tool for everyone, who wants to save periodically and earn an assured lumpsum at maturity. Make your dream wedding, favourite car or your child’s education a reality.

A monthly Income Recurring Deposits (RD) is a great option if you wish to enjoy regular monthly income post investment. This is a great option if you don’t have a pension scheme.

So how do we open these Recurring Deposits?
– Visit ICICI Bank Internet Banking
– Login with User ID and Password.
– Under Bank Account’s, select Deposits.
– Select Recurring Deposits.
– And click on Open RD Account.
– For a Standard Recurring Deposits.
– Fill in the relevant details like monthly investment amount, choose a monthly debit date, select a tenure of your choice.
– The Interest rate and maturity amount will be displayed.
– Once you read and accept terms and conditions.
– Click on Submit.
– And you are done.

If you wish to open an RD with Monthly Income:
– Click on Apply Now at Recurring Deposit Screen.
– Enter your investment amount.
– Monthly debit date.
– Select the total tenure, monthly income starts after as well as monthly income duration.
– Choose between getting either one time lumpsum pay out with monthly income option or only monthly income option.
– Review your deposit details depending on which you choose.
– Once you read and accept the terms and conditions, click on submit.
– And you’re done.
– Congratulations! You have instantly created a Recurring Deposit of your choice!

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