Credit Cards Are Getting Evil…

Credit Cards. Recession. Scams and Traps.
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Credit cards – they’re a miracle! Go shopping, go out to a restaurant.. just whip out that plastic and you’re paid up! Plus you pick up some rewards points while you’re at it!

However.. there’s a dark side to credit cards… They’re like the financial Jekyll and Hyde, a two faced beast we need to be careful around.. especially in a recession

When times get hard, credit card companies get a little nasty, a little more tight-fisted. You might find yourself paying higher interest and your credit limit dropped.

The point is, credit card companies play tricks, and if you fall for them, that miraculous card essentially turns into your nightmare ex. Wasting your money, gaslighting you into paying for “extra services”, and never really giving you the respect you deserve. But the good news is… unlike your ex credit cards are reasonable… you can make the system work for you.

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